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Amazing Advantages of using Chromadek

Chromadek refers to a range of color coated sheets manufactured by ArcelorMittal in South Africa. The sheets are created through a series of procedures to create a color-based sheet. The primer and epoxy coated sheeting come in various colors and can be formed into a number of profile forms.

This building material has been a favorite under construction workers and architects due to its versatility, aesthetic appeal and the great protection it offers against harsh elements.
Allow VIP Construction to share with you a few reasons why you should consider choosing Chromadek

Why should you choose Chromadek?

  • The top coat of paint found on Chromadek has been designed to withstand the harsh African Sun.
  • These sheets offer improved edge protection and is less prone to cracking that may lead to corrosion.
  • When choosing Chromadek, purchasers can be assured that the product has been tested and evaluated.
  • The galvanized steel that makes up the sheets are chemically cleaned and treated to enhance corrosion properties.
  • A coat of primer is applied to increase aesthetic and functional value.
  • ·You get access to a variety of finishes that are both affordable and eco-friendly.
  • Steel roofing is virtually resistant against fire, mold and mildew.
  • This form of steel building material is incredibly lightweight, making it an easy construction material to work with.

These sheets are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications to meet your roofing and building desires. This building material is incredibly durable.

Overall, Chromadek is focused on producing a color coated steel range that is more sustainable to the environment.

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